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6/18/2021 – Lake Merritt Childcare Center 

Safety at Child Care Remains a Priority

At the Family Bridges, Inc. Lake Merritt Child Care Center, the safety of our students, staff, and families is paramount. Here is what has been implemented:

  • All staff must continue to wear face coverings even though they are fully vaccinated.
  • For children over the age of 2, face coverings are strongly recommended.
  • Parents and visitors are not allowed to enter classroom areas.
  • All staff and students must perform the following before entering the facility:
    • Have their temperatures taken with a non-contact thermometer daily and complete a health screening questionnaire.
    • Step on a disinfecting mat.
    • Change into their clean shoes for school indoor use.
    • Wash their hands.
  • Students are separated into small groups and seated apart.
  • Commonly touched items and surfaces, such as toys, tables, faucet handles, toilets, doorknobs, etc., are disinfected regularly.
  • Cots and blankets are disinfected after every use.

Any person with a fever or symptoms of COVID-19 will not be permitted to enter and will only be allowed to return after completing a COVID-19 test with a negative result.

Should someone at the facility test positive for COVID-19, we will notify the Alameda County Public Health Department and follow the guidance provided.

Our dedicated staff has created a clean, safe, and fun environment for the students.


Contributed by Elaine Tam

5/24/2021 – Hong Fook CBAS Program


Our Client’s Story – Mr. Ku


Mr. Ku, a 70-year old immigrant from China, suffered a stroke six years ago. As is typical with strokes, Mr. Ku was left with significant impairment for walking and speaking. His life was turned upside down.  He could not be independent and conduct his life the way he was used to.

Mr. Ku joined Hong Fook Center shortly after his stroke and with the help of our multidisciplinary staff interventions, began to rebuild his life. Not only was he active in our rehabilitation program which included speech, physical and occupational therapies, he met new friends whose support gave him hope and meaning to his life.

Mr. Ku also faced eviction from his home due to a rent increase. And the Hong Fook Center social worker helped him apply for senior housing.

Now, Mr. Ku walks with a cane instead of a walker and he only has minor impairment with speech.  He lives in subsidized senior housing and thanks to Hong Fook Center his life is whole again.



Contributed by Stephanie Liu & Annie Zeng Lam