Our Hong Lok Senior Center Destroyed by Fire

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On Wednesday, October 11th around 8 a.m., a terrifying fire broke out at Family Bridges’ Hong Lok Senior Center located on 7th street in Oakland’s Chinatown.

Within minutes the fire catapulted into the interior of the building and destroyed all the fixtures that made our senior center operational and welcoming. The center is no longer habitable and our seniors have been displaced.

Over 200 seniors are members of our Hong Lok Senior Center which has been operating for over 20 years providing socialization, recreation, workshops and a place for our seniors to gather with their community.

After a 9-year location hiatus where Hong Lok was operating elsewhere, we finally opened our doors on October 4 and our seniors were welcomed back to their original home. But this joyful homecoming was devastatingly short-lived.

The fire has destroyed a historical city site, and the essential older adult programming that has occurred within the walls of that building is now in jeopardy.

Family Bridges is seeking donations to help us rebuild our operations and to cover the cost to relocate.

Our seniors deserve a rapid recovery. We need help to rebuild the site, but more importantly to rebuild hope.

Your donation in any amount is very much appreciated and will help seniors have a place to enjoy.

Please see KTSF’s news item, in Chinese, at:

【灣區新聞】家橋驛社奧克蘭長者活動中心發生火警 沒人受傷 – KTSF.com

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