Family Bridges, Inc – Hotel Oakland Village Video Collaboration

Family Bridges, Inc. and the Hotel Oakland Village have come together to make monthly videos about topics concerning seniors’ health and are geared towards the Cantonese speaking community. Here you will find links to all of our videos, including our most recent one:


September 2012     Community-Based Adult Services

December 2012      Creating a Safe Home Environment

December 2012      Exercise to Prevent Falls

January 2013          Diagnosing Alzheimer’s

February 2013        Nutrition and Diabetes

March 2012            Communicating with People Who Have Dementia

May 2013               Preparing For Your Doctor’s Visit

June 2013               Taking Your Medicine Safely

July 2013                Depression

August 2013           Stroke Precautions

September 2013     Stress Management for Healthcare Workers

December 2013      Heart Attack


Videos by Family Bridges, Inc., a health partner of the Hotel Oakland Village.