Community Health Home Program

In 2018, Family Bridges’ Community Health Home Program opened at the Hotel Oakland building located at 275-14th Street, Oakland, CA. The site houses an interdisciplinary team of healthcare providers including behavioral health providers, social workers, nurses and housing navigators to offer the case management services for the most vulnerable seniors and adults facing health or social challenges, or houselessness.

Oak Street Community Cabins Program

Oak Street Community Cabins (OCC) is one of six outdoor, 24/7 emergency shelters established by the City of Oakland, and offers 38 beds and up to six-months of stay for the houseless. In partnership with Family Bridges staff, OCC residents are able to stabilize from the crisis and stress of living completely outside, and focus on their journey to obtaining permanent housing.

Community Ambassador Program

Building upon the former “Chinatown Clean” Ambassador Project, and with support and encouragement from the Oakland Chinatown Coalition, Family Bridges adopted the Oakland Chinatown Ambassador Program. Our Community Ambassador program addresses community needs in a collaborative spirit while establishing a sense of public safety, community vibrancy and hope. In doing so, we contribute toward the restoration of cultural and neighborhood pride in the Oakland Chinatown area.

The Community Health Home Mission:
The mission of Family Bridges’ Community Health Home is to partner with our clients to help improve their overall health and well-being through providing enhanced care management for our clients’ health, housing and social service needs.

Who We Serve:
We aim to serve persons with highly complex medical, cognitive or behavioral health challenges, who are at immediate risk of hospitalization or institutional placement, including:
• Multiple Chronic Health Conditions
• Repeat avoidable institutional care, high care utilization and/or uncoordinated care
• Serious Mental Illness
• Substance Abuse
• Houselessness, at-risk for houselessness & housing insecurity

Services We Provide:
• Find doctors and get appointments
• Coordinate the care they receive from different providers
• Understand their prescription drugs
• Get follow-up services after they leave the hospital
• Connect to community and social services, such as food and housing

How do you know if you are eligible for the services?
You must be currently enrolled in an Alameda County Medi-Cal Managed Care Health Plan  –  the two plans available are Alameda Alliance for Health or Anthem Blue Cross.
For information on eligibility or enrollment, please call (510) 595-5588. .

Who’s on the program staff?
Family Bridges’ Community Health Home Program staff includes, but not limited to, registered nurse navigators, community health workers, psychologists, occupational and physical therapists, social workers and registered dieticians.

Is transportation provided for program participants?
If needed, transportation services can be arranged.

What is the Enrollment Process?
• Active Alameda County Medi-Cal Managed Care Health Plan members (of either Alliance for Health or Anthem Blue Cross) who meet the eligibility criteria will be referred to our Health Home and are eligible to enroll.
• Upon receiving the referral, from Alameda Alliance for Health or Anthem Blue Cross, a Family Bridges’ Community Health Home staff will contact the referred member to share information about our Health Home services and to ascertain if the individual wants to enroll.
• If the individual would like to become a member of our Community Health Home, then enrollment and assessment activities will be conducted by a Family Bridges’ multi-disciplinary team to determine the needs of the member.
• An individual not currently an active Alameda Alliance for Health or Anthem Blue Cross member but meeting our Health Home eligibility criteria must first enroll in one of the Medi-cal Managed Care Health Plans before enrolling into Family Bridges’ Community Health Home.  Our Community Health Home staff can assist with this process.

Where is the program located?
The Family Bridges’ Community Health Home is located within the historic Hotel Oakland building at 275 14th Street, Oakland, CA 94612. The site provides a home base for an interdisciplinary team of healthcare providers who offer enhanced care management services for the most vulnerable seniors and adults facing health or social challenges, or houselessness.

What are the program hours?
Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 3:30 pm, by appointment only.

How do I contact the center?
For questions and inquiries contact Camille Torres at [email protected] or call at (510) 595-5588

Why Oak Street Community Cabins?
Our Mission. The mission of Family Bridges’ Oak Street Community Cabins is to restore hope and to help the houseless in Oakland Chinatown and the surrounding area secure and maintain stable housing.

Our Story. Family Bridges’ is deeply rooted in Oakland Chinatown and serves the most vulnerable in our community, including houseless individuals living in and around Chinatown. What started in March 2019 as a pilot outreach project with very limited resources and one volunteer developing trusting relationships and distributing 30 meals a week to the houseless, grew to a subcontract for three paid housing navigation staff at Oak Street Community Cabins (OCC). A testament to effective outreach efforts, staff moved 20 individuals who were living at Madison Park and the streets of Chinatown to OCC on opening day in January 2020; within weeks, OCC was fully occupied with 38 residents. Due to COVID-19, daily operations adjusted and resources pivoted. By December 2020, Family Bridges contracted directly with the City of Oakland to fully operate OCC with housing navigation services and 24/7 site management.

Our Future. We hope to secure funding to more fully develop our pilot workforce development program wherein OCC residents contribute to Oakland Chinatown through community-oriented services while gaining skills and experience that can provide them a pathway to stable employment and housing.

Who does OCC Serve?

We serve adult houseless in Oakland, particularly within the Oakland Chinatown and Jack London Square areas.

 What services does OCC provide?

Our services are built on the belief that the houseless are to be treated with dignity and respect wherever they are, and to have access to basic needs of food, shelter, and care. We also help with the following but not limited to:

  • Obtaining essential documents, e.g. ID, birth certificate, social security card
  • Enrolling in Medi-Cal and selecting a health plan and primary care provider
  • Applying for benefits and services, e.g. GA, CalFresh, SSI/SSDI, etc.
  • Providing housing navigation and support, e.g. application assistance, limited financial assistance
  • Preparing for job readiness, e.g. application and resume assistance, connecting to employment and job development opportunities

Where is OCC located?

Family Bridges’ Oak Street Community Cabins is located at 599 Oak Street, Oakland, California at the corner of Oak and 6th Streets.

How do I contact OCC?

For general questions and inquiries, please contact Sakhone Lasaphangthong at [email protected] or call (510) 239-7381.

For monetary donations, please go here.

To donate items or food, please pre-arrange by contacting David Le at [email protected] or call (510) 371-4382. Note: OCC has very limited food storage, particularly of perishable items. Pre-arrangement of food donations is imperative to minimize food waste.

What are the Goals of the Community Ambassador Program?

We strive to instill a welcoming, caring, vibrant and safe community in Oakland Chinatown. Our ambassador work is integral to the neighborhood health, wellness and public safety, and is a catalyst for fostering, building and bridging community relationships for all, regardless of race, ethnicity, or background. 

Our Community Ambassador Program also aims to help stabilize and reintegrate individuals who are in transition, specifically, those at-risk of or are currently houseless and those who were formerly incarcerated in California state prisons. Through community-oriented services, we provide these individuals in transition with opportunities to contribute toward the vibrancy of Chinatown while gaining experience that can provide them a pathway to stable employment and housing.

Who does the Community Ambassador Program Serve?

Our services benefit the merchants and establishments, workers, residents, houseless, and visitors of Oakland Chinatown and the immediate surrounding area. 

The primary catchment area is from Webster to Oak Streets and 6th to 10th Streets. As resources allow, we may extend from Broadway to Fallon Streets and 6th to 14th Streets.

What services does the Community Ambassador Program provide?

We envision a vibrant Oakland Chinatown community that is beloved, well cared for and respected. We help create a welcoming and safe environment in the Chinatown area, and sustain neighborhood health and wellness through promoting community and relationship building; reducing violence; restoring feelings of security, especially for our seniors; and creating an integrated, coordinated model for the public safety. We accomplish this by:

  • Increasing street safety and cleanliness, abating graffiti, and addressing other non-criminal issues.
  • Readily mitigating, de-escalating, and defusing tense situations.
  • Brokering and facilitating genuine mutual respect, appreciation, and relationship building among merchants, workers, residents (including the houseless).
  • Fostering peaceful and visible interactions bridging racial and socioeconomic backgrounds.
  • Connecting people to resources and addressing basic need issues.
  • Providing bystander assistance and documentation.
  • Increasing awareness and reporting of hate incidents and crimes.


How do I contact the Community Ambassador Program?

For general questions and inquiries, please contact Sakhone Lasaphangthong at [email protected] or call (510) 239-7381.

How do I support the Community Ambassador Program?

For monetary donations, please click here

For volunteering opportunities, please click here

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